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Concert Crowd

Are you ready to unlock your voice and sing with fearless confidence?

Do you want to break down the psychological barriers that are holding you back?

There is a strong, powerful and limitless voice inside of you and releasing it is absolutely freeing! 

Artist Performing on Stage

My Story

Singing Lessons To Take You To The Next Level

I am a private music teacher with over 20 years of international performing experience. As a vocalist, I have fronted various bands in genres such as: jazz, swing, blues, soul, rock ,pop, funk and folk. I draw from this vast experience to provide you with the latest, cutting-edge vocal tuition. My goal is to strengthen and develop your voice to enable optimum vocal health, power and endurance. Very quickly, you will start to feel the benefits and hear the results of solid, professional vocal technique. If you are looking for a local singing teacher to take you to the next level, then get in touch today and book your first singing lesson!

Contact Antony

Reading, UK

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